CorynnA sexy blonde with tempting long legs, stunning big boobs and a killer smile – what more could anybody wish for? Well, how about a glistening rock hard 18 cm dick to top it off? That’s a twist most people seeing her in the street would not have guessed. But come to think of it, this is just what you need to make your evening extra special and exciting. Forget about all the boring one gender escorts, try an amazing hybrid as unique as a unicorn – equipped with a lovely stinger and always horny.

Corynn is a perfect choice for someone who is just starting his adventure with shemales. If you are just a little shy or inexperienced, she is just what you need to get into this forbidden, magical land. She will fill you in on all the details, take your hand and gently lead the way to the most amazingly pleasurable experiences. You need not to rush anything nor be stressed about anything – just leave everything in her capable hands and follow her lead.

Corynn speaks English fluently, so she will be able to tell you all you need to know. And if you are really shy, you can just start off with a pleasant conversation and build up the mood together.

Ask Corynn out if you need a guide to the world of pleasures or just like to take things slowly.

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